Why do a post in Public Health

 Public health is an interdisciplinary field, and its professionals can come from different academic backgrounds. Arlindo Philippi Junior, for example, graduated as a civil, sanitary and occupational safety engineer, and later did a doctorate in Public Health from the University of São Paulo (USP).

"The target audience of postgraduate courses in Public Health are professionals from any area of ​​knowledge who already work or want to work in this field - doctors, nurses, nutritionists and biologists, but also engineers, lawyers, architects and journalists", he says , who is now a professor in the Department of Environmental Health at USP's School of Public Health and deputy dean of Graduate Studies at the university.

In addition to offering direct assistance to patients, public health professionals focus on the community level. “His research helps, for example, to prevent and treat diseases and epidemics, preparing the population to deal with them. They play a vital role in the health system ”, says American Harrison Spencer, president of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) - an organization that seeks to promote research and education to solve global problems in the field of Public Health.

Master's degrees, especially abroad, offer academic or professional training with very broad subjects in the curriculum. Students with skills in mathematics, basic science or computer science may be interested in biostatistics, epidemiology or informatics. Those with a background in sociology, psychology or anthropology may consider working with behavioral sciences, global health or health education. Chemists and biologists may have more affinity for environmental health.

Even professionals trained or interested in the humanities - including in business - can study health policy and management or health communication. Many schools even offer dual degree programs in Public Health, which can be associated with business, law, social work and medicine.

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