Full scholarships for graduation at the oldest university in Europe

The University of Bologna is receiving applications for undergraduate scholarships . Unibo scholarships are offered in two ways: in the first, the student is exempt from tuition fees at the university; in the second, he receives a scholarship worth € 11,000 (eleven thousand euros) for one year of studies. Registration is open until April 30 , depending on the desired course.

Scholarships are being offered for all university degree programs. The complete list of programs can be seen at this link . Three-year “First Cycle” programs are offered, which are basically equivalent to Brazilian degrees. There are also “Single Cycle” programs, which are practically a degree with an integrated master's degree. Application for scholarships for the First and Single Cycle programs runs until April 30th.

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is considered the oldest university in Europe and the oldest university in the world in continuous operation. People who basically built Western thought went through it, such as the astronomer Nicolau Copernicus (responsible for the understanding that the Earth revolves around the Sun), the Renaissance thinker Erasmus of Rotterdam and, more recently, filmmakers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Michelangelo Antonioni .

How to apply for scholarships from the University of Bologna

To apply for scholarships to the University of Bologna, it is necessary to prove the completion of the previous cycle of studies: for the Single or First Cycle programs, this means a high school diploma issued by a Brazilian institution.

If you are interested in degree programs (First or Single Cycle), you must also show the results of the SAT exam. In all cases, you must be under 30 years of age.

Applications for scholarships must be made through this link . Candidates will be ranked and the best placed will receive € 11,000 scholarships until all available scholarships are exhausted. Candidates who come later in the ranking will receive tuition fees from the university.

You must register by April 30 to apply for undergraduate scholarships . The results of the undergraduate scholarships will be communicated in May 2021.

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