Minerva University - How to apply

Registration for the first class at Minerva University is open until April 15, 2014. All students approved in the selection process will be notified by May 15 . Admission is highly competitive and based on merit, considering the candidate's academic and personal profile. For the class of 2014, C4040-121 will be

admitted between 15 to 19 students. Check out all the information about the selection for Minerva University.

In partnership with the university, Estudar Fora launched the  Fellowship Estudar Fora & Minerva program , an incredible opportunity for those interested in pursuing an international degree. The Fellowship provides for a 140-420 professional mentoring and development program for Brazilian students approved at Minerva University


One of Minerva's differentials is to offer an excellent education at an affordable price for students. The annual fee ( tuition ) of Minerva will be $ 10,000, which represents 25% of the cost of other US universities highly selective private. The total cost per year (including books and materials, room and accommodation, academic services and health insurance) is estimated at US $ 28,850. All those approved for the first class will have their tuition costs   subsidized by the institution.

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