Tips for doing well on the TOEFL

The TOEFL is an exam that assesses the level of English proficiency and is accepted at approximately 8,500 educational institutions worldwide. “More than 27 thousand people per year take the test”, said the TOEFL administrator in Brazil, Edson Canela, during the 11th EducationUSA Fair . If you plan to take the TOEFL, check out the test administrator's tips to get a good grade:

Enjoy your 10-minute break: The first section of the exam is Reading , the second is Listening  and then there is a ten-minute break, then the Speaking section is followedand the last is Writing . The tip is to take the ten-minute break to get out of front of the computer, go to the bathroom, drink water and try to relax a little.

Writing section :  The most important part of this section is to be able to write a text with clear ideas and defend your arguments well. You will not lose many points for minor mistakes in punctuation or misspelled words. Check out more tips from this section HERE .

Speaking section:  There is no problem if you stutter or have a strong accent, as long as it does not interfere with your understanding of what you are talking about. If the student stutters, the appraiser may view it only as a matter of nervousness. The most important is the structure of the text that the student speaks.

Do not take pencils and paper: You will receive three sheets at the time of the test and a pencil. If you need more sheets or the tip of your pencil breaks, just raise your hand.

Train before taking the test: Edson advises students to look for similar tests on the internet to test before taking the test, and Lee says that the students' main mistake is to arrive on the day of the test without knowing the exam. Check out more tips in the text Toefl: Take it Easy - Planning is the key to getting a good grade

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