Talent Academy offers scholarship to tour the best business schools in the world

 For many interested in MBA programs, visiting the university campus can help to decide once and for all which educational institution is most attractive. After all, among the best business schools in the world, it is difficult to choose. They are programs of excellence, with good networking opportunities and classes that go beyond theory.  

Those interested in embarking for the United States and getting to know the reality of these universities up close can apply for a scholarship for the campus tour promoted by Talent Academy, in partnership with Fundação Estudar. To participate in the first part of the selection, applications must be submitted by March 11th .

How to apply for the Talent Academy scholarship

The prerequisites established by Talent Academy include complete graduation, a minimum of two years of professional experience (after graduation), advanced English and, of course, interest in taking the MBA abroad .

In the first phase of the selection process, those interested in the campus tour must send an application form, with personal information and their academic and professional trajectory. This step must be completed by the stipulated deadline of 11 March.

Then, one hundred candidates will be invited to the second stage of the process, also done online. In this case, the phase consists of applying the VAST test, which assesses the candidate's behavioral profile and skills, and answering three questions.

Such questions revolve around three themes: reasons why the professional wants to take an MBA , why he deserves the scholarship and what his life goals are . Responses can be made in writing or on video and must be sent by March 25th.

How the visit to the best schools works

During the campus tour, Talent Academy travels with students interested in MBA in several cities in the United States, visiting the best business schools. Among them are Chicago Booth , Wharton School , MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School .

Among the activities available, there are guided tours through campuses , participation in classes, lunches with students from the best business schools and networking opportunities . Check out the schedule planned for the campus tour below, including dates and educational institutions visited:

Wharton School on April 23

  • Meet and Greet with WHALASA Students
  • Info Session with MBA students
  • Campus Tour | MBA / MA (Lauder)
  • Lunch with Wharton students
  • Happy hour with WHALASA Club

Columbia Business School on April 24

  • Meet and Greet with Columbia students
  • Campus Tour
  • Info Session
  • Participation in entrepreneurship class

New York University on April 25

  • Meet and Greet with NYU students
  • Info session with Admissions Office
  • Campus Tour

MIT Sloan School of Management on April 26

  • Coffee Chat with MIT students
  • Participation in an MBA class
  • Exclusive Info Session with Admissions Office
  • Lunch with MBA class

Harvard Business School on April 27

  • Meet and Greet with Harvard students
  • Lunch with 1st grade Brazilian students
  • Campus Tour
  • Info Session

Chicago Booth on April 30

  • Exclusive Info Session
  • Lunch with Chicago Booth students
  • Participation in an MBA class
  • Campus Tour

Kellogg School of Management , on May 1

  • Exclusive info session
  • Class participation
  • Campus Tour
  • Barbecue with the LatAm Club

As a benefit, those selected by Talent Academy will have between 40 and 100% discount on the campus tour offered - according to the size of the class that will embark for the program in the United States. Air tickets from Brazil to the United States, however, are at the expense of the participant.

To apply for the scholarship and get to know the business schools up close, just go to the Talent Academy website and register.

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