Stanford innovation program grants over $ 53,000

 The Stanford University is receiving applications for its Biodesign Innovation Fellowship . Stanford innovation grants are part of a biodesign innovation program - an area that involves disciplines ranging from basic natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry and physics, to design and computer science. Its objective is to generate innovations for the health area. Registration is open until August 14th!

Fellows will spend ten months at Stanford developing their ideas with mentoring from the institution's professors. During this period, they will receive a monthly salary of US $ 5,355 (which, according to the university, is sufficient to bear the cost of living in the region). Fellows will still receive US $ 1,000 in aid when they arrive in the country, and will be entitled to life insurance from the university.

Who can participate?

In order to apply for innovation grants at Stanford, the university asks applicants to have "advanced degrees and / or enough work experience in the fields of engineering, science, computer science, business, product design, law, medicine or nursing" .

There are, therefore, no strict requirements for academic achievement . If you have a master's degree in some of the areas mentioned above, your application is likely to be taken advantage of. Likewise, if you have graduated and already have a lot of experience working in these areas, it is also worth a try.

How to apply for Stanford innovation grants

The application can be made through this link . As part of the process, you will need to complete an application form with contact information and academic and professional background. The candidate must also record a video telling five improbable but true facts about himself.

In addition, it will be necessary to attach the following documents to the application

  • Updated CV;
  • Diplomas from the most advanced academic degrees;
  • Academic history of these programs;
  • Standardized exam notes (such as GMAT or GRE );
  • English proficiency certificate ( TOEFL or IELTS );
  • Two short answers to questions that can be seen in the following link);
  • An essay whose theme can be seen in the following link.

An example of a complete application (in which the questions to be answered and the subject of the essay appear ) can be seen at this link .

Finally, the candidate must also send the contact details of at least three people who can write letters of recommendation to him. The contact details of these people must be sent through the online platform, which will automatically send a request to the listed email addresses. The application runs until August 14!

And the coronavirus?

Stanford University is taking specific steps towards this opportunity in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the program's question and answer page, they report that they delayed the start of this year's class to September, instead of August. As the current application is for classes starting in 2021, it is possible that the situation has already normalized by then.

For applications for this edition, the university has kept the same schedule for now. However, she says she is monitoring the situation to understand whether further changes may be necessary.

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