Podcasts for traveling without leaving home

 The pandemic in 2020 brought restrictions on a global level and, with isolation, travel was naturally compromised. But, if quarantine prevents us from being physically elsewhere, that does not mean that there are no other alternatives. Tourism podcasts, for example, are full of tips on different countries and provide real trips to different cultures just a click away. About this, Estudar Fora prepared a special selection. Look!

Brazilian Podcasts

There are many podcasts made by national travelers that talk about international tourism, but we have listed some of the best known. Look:


Travel stories, including exotic places and adventure stories abound in this one of the most popular podcasts in Portuguese. Presented by Foca, the program features Leonardo Cassol (from the website Best Destinations) and several other guests. You can hear it here .

Chat Travel

French tolls, natural beauty of Croatia, scripts for film locations… the themes covered in the Travel Papers are beyond the commonplace. The podcast is led by fun and cool Jade Marcos and Maurilio Schmitt. The couple of travelers created the website Guia do Nômade Digital. Together, they add up to more than 30 countries stamped on their passports. 


“Nome Disso é Mundo”, abbreviated with the anachronism ONDEM , already says the one that came only by the title. Presented by Filipe Teixeira, the podcast proposes to share experiences of Brazilians “who explore places and often take root outside Brazil”. It includes series such as Inner World - in which psychologist Vanessa Gazetta analyzes emotional issues in the expatriate's life -, O Nome Disso É África (with a different view than that brought by traditional media on the African continent) and O Nome Disso É Islam (about Islamic culture).

Career without borders

In each episode, a different life story, of Brazilians who left their country of origin to work and live abroad. These are the most diverse professions in Carreira sem Fronteiras : Game Location Specialist in Romania, Social Media Analyst in Spain, Quality Analyst in Slovakia and many others. 

Foreign Podcasts

Women who travel

Run by women and designed to address travel issues from a female perspective, Women Who Travel has a presentation by the publishers of Condé Nast Traveler - an award-winning North American magazine for luxury tourism and lifestyle. 

The themes are of the most diverse: they range from the experience of loving your own body from the trips, to tips on how to be a digital nomad, also going through reports of surfing in Hawaii.

Inside Study Abroad

It is a program for both aspirants and those who already have experience in studying abroad. As described, the Inside Study Abroad "hosts frank conversations, in-depth training and friendly debates on all things of global learning".

The podcast is conducted by American TV screenwriter Brooke Roberts, known for her work on the Boston Legal and The Flash series .

Travel with Rick Steves 

Rick Steves is a famous tour guide, best known for his tours in Europe. In its weekly series - which is among the best travel podcasts according to the CNN selection -, the episodes of about an hour are full of stories and curiosities about various corners of the European continent. One of the most recent, including (“German Christmas Markets”), talks about Christmas in Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Podcasts for learning languages

Now, if we are talking about traveling abroad, it is clear that we cannot ignore the instructions about learning other languages, after all, what better way to feel in another country, than to have contact with your language?

Estudar Fora has already listed podcasts to learn English, Italian, Spanish, German and French. Check it out !

There is also a super tip on the exclusive podcasts channel for learning foreign languages ​​on the Deezer platform, Learn a Language , which was released in 2020. 

Now, just choose your favorite program and play!

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