Photo contest for amateurs has € 5,000 prize

 The International 212 Photography Competition , sponsored by 212 Photography Istanbul magazine, is currently receiving entries. It is a photography contest for amateurs that aims to highlight the emerging talents of world photography. The deadline for registration is September 20.

The photographs selected by the contest jury will be used to set up a biennial magazine. Its authors will receive a letter of thanks and a certificate of publication, and the person behind the best photograph will receive a cash prize of € 5,000. The amount will be paid by bank transfer and can be used as the winner prefers.

How to participate in the amateur photography contest

According to the organization, any “photographers or artists who use the photographic medium regularly” can apply. There are no age or nationality restrictions, and photos of all genders can be sent - portraits, landscapes, travel records, fashion photos, etc. There are also no specific academic training requirements .

The only restriction is the fact that it is a contest for amateur photographers. Therefore, according to the organization, only "photographers / artists who have not done a large exhibition in a gallery or cultural institution of international importance" can participate. Collective entries, with two or more artists collaborating, will be accepted only if the group can demonstrate that it works together regularly.

To apply, it is necessary to complete the form available at this link . You will need to send 5 to 10 images, preferably from two or three different series. They must be in PNG or JPG format, in RGB, and be 1080 pixels high (if they are in portrait orientation) or 1920 pixels wide (if they are in landscape orientation).

Each file should be named as follows: surname_name_titleofaseries_01 (for example, dasilva_joao_tcc_01). All images, after formatting and naming, must be compressed into a ZIP file and sent through the website. Applicants will receive a confirmation email.

Applications must be submitted by 20 September . On September 24, the organization promises to notify the participants selected for the second phase. The jury will evaluate the images of those selected and decide on a winner, announcing it on October 10th. See more information here .

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