PhD in the USA: sharing experiences

 By Paulo Paes, PhD student at Penn State Hello guys, This is my first participation as a columnist at Estudar Fora , so I recorded a video introducing myself and telling part of my trajectory until I arrived at Penn State (Pennsylvania State University) . I hope that with this column I will be able to present what life is like for a Phd student in the USA and mainly encourage more Brazilians to seek the dream of studying abroad!

There are many steps that precede going abroad to study, some of these are new and therefore generate fears and confusion for candidates. In addition, anxiety for quick responses and positive results increases these fears. This apparently unfavorable situation for the student is in fact the ideal moment for his maturity. It is in these moments that the student's effort and perseverance will appear as essential to reach positive results. These feelings reappear after the exchange begins, when it comes to experiencing the experience in another country. Many people shared their experiences with me and this helped me during times of doubt and insecurity, and I hope to help other students by sharing my experience, both in undergraduate and graduate courses.Penn State, one of the largest universities in number of students in the USA. Until later!

Paulo Paes is a PhD columnist in the USA I am a student of the PhD program in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State (Pennsylvania State University) with a Teaching Assistant (TA) scholarship from the department itself and a CAPES scholarship from the Science Without Borders program. My appreciation for the research arose during the first activities of scientific initiation during my graduation at UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina). In 2012, I studied at UC Davis (University of California, Davis) in a sandwich-undergraduate program at Science Without Borders. I returned to Brazil to complete my degree in 2012 and start a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at UFSC, but I stopped my activities there to return to the USA and start my PhD in August 2013. As a columnist for Estudar Fora I hope to contribute important information to students Brazilians who, like me, intend to study in the United States at undergraduate or graduate level.

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