Pedro Paulo: 1st place in medicine and approvals at 4 US universities

The 19-year-old student from Rio de Janeiro, Pedro Paulo de Freitas, can be considered a young prodigy. A former student at the Coléio Militar in Rio de Janeiro, he was approved for the medical course at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - the career with the highest cut grade in Enem 2013 by the Unified Selection System (Sisu) - and obtained the 1st place among those approved in medicine at the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Campinas. It also has 16 awards in knowledge olympics, in areas ranging from astronomy to oceanography. The student's achievements, however, go far beyond Brazilian lands.

Pedro was approved by four North American universities, including Brown - an institution belonging to the Ivy League, a group that brings together the eight most prestigious universities in the United States. Brown has an innovative curriculum, which allows the student to take courses in different areas of knowledge during graduation. “I intend to combine my studies in economics and education, but I also want to take courses in computer science, languages ​​and international relations”, he says. “I like many areas”, jokes the student, who, in Brazil, in addition to medicine, also passed the production engineering course.

With so many options - and approvals - Pedro has only one certainty: as an economist and educator, he wants to contribute to improving the education of others. “I always thought that education is a way to change people's lives. It is the only thing that depends exclusively on them ”, he says.

Education is making a difference in my life and, I believe that anyone who wants to change their lives and uses education for this, succeeds

Pedro has been a volunteer math tutor in public schools, in addition to organizing campaigns to collect books for shelters and orphanages. “Through participating in these activities, I discovered that I was capable of generating changes and impacting society. When you read a book to a child who has never had contact with it, for example, you are showing him new ways, ”he says. "Education is making a difference in my life and, I believe that anyone who wants to change their lives and uses education for this, succeeds".

To help improve the education of others, Pedro first needs support for his own studies. Even with a good grant from Brown University, he still needs help to cover the institution's costs. He is one of 17 participants in the Crowdfunding Estudar Fora , a partnership of the Estudar Foundation with the Benfeitoria website to help young people with high potential to study at the best universities in the world.

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