United Kingdom: Sheffield Hallam University offers undergraduate and master's scholarships

 Applications for Transform Together scholarships from Sheffield Hallam University are open until May 3 . Located in the United Kingdom, the educational institution offers a 50% discount on tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate courses. The institution offers courses in several areas, including game design, engineering, molecular biology, architecture and product design.

The program is valid for courses starting in September 2021 and scholarships are renewable for each year of graduation, as long as the student performs well . In the case of masters courses with two years or more, the 50% discount on the annual fee is only offered for the first year.

How to apply for Sheffield Hallam University scholarships

To apply, it is necessary to apply for the course of interest directly with the university. This procedure follows the pattern of many foreign institutions: it requires letters of recommendation , essays and proof of English proficiency . Notes required in tests such as TOEFL and IELTS vary according to the course and must be checked in advance.

Once accepted by Sheffield Hallam University, a student must complete an online application form to submit their scholarship application. You must also send your academic record to the email address globalscholarshiptranscripts@shu.ac.uk by the deadline of May 31 .

Those selected for the partial scholarship will be contacted by Sheffield Hallam University within one month after registration closes. That is: until the end of June. Classes are expected to start in September 2021.

What are the benefits

The financial support offered by the institution is limited to half the annual fee, the amount of which varies according to the course of interest. Other expenses are borne by the student, such as maintenance in the country, health insurance and airline tickets to the United Kingdom . To find out more details about the Sheffield Hallam University partial scholarship program, simply visit the Transform Together website .

And the coronavirus?

The UK is currently taking social isolation measures to hinder the spread of the coronavirus. Sheffield Hallam University, for its part, has closed buildings and classes and research being carried out remotely. For students in the current semester, the assessment schedule will be adjusted because of these measures.

For new students or students interested in scholarships to start in September, the university has not yet officially commented. However, the opportunity page does not mention any changes to the calendar caused by COVID-19. This suggests that the selection process for the scholarships will continue as normal. More information about the university's response to the crisis can be seen at this link .

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