Language courses and short courses in the USA

 Main reason why Brazilians are going to study abroad, language and short courses abroad are seen as opportunities to gain fluency in another language in a short period of time. If you are planning to do an exchange of languages, check the information that the advisor of EducationUSA , Marina Lugao, yesterday shared with the participants of the 11th Fair EducationUSA's edition of.

Course types

For those looking for specific courses to improve English, there are basically two types of programs to take in the US: ESL (English as a second language) and ESP (English for Specific Purpose).

ESL courses are the language courses themselves, in which students will take English classes at language schools. The workload varies on average of 18h weekly or 30 hours per week, in the most intensive.

ESP courses are designed to deepen knowledge of the language in a specific area of ​​academic or professional interest. There are course options in Business English , Medical English and Pre MBA, for example. There are also exam preparation courses, such as TOEFL and TOEIC. ESP is more geared towards students with intermediate or advanced English and occurs within universities.

Accredited bodies

To help choose which school or institute to study, Marina recommends some accredited organizations that certify the quality of language and short-term courses in the USA. They are: American Association of Intensive English Programs ,  Commission on English Language Program Accreditation , Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training  and University and College Intensive English Programs .

What to consider

- Location: in addition to the city, also consider commuting

- Climate

- Activities and interests you want to develop while on the exchange

- Accommodation


The  EducationUSA advisor gives two more tips for those who want to take a short course in the USA:

1) start planning at least six months before

2) Plan your costs, without forgetting to take into account: application fee , program tuition , health insurance , books and materials, accommodation, food, transportation and extra expenses. Remember that prices vary by institution and location.

The EducationUSA Fair The EducationUSA

Fair is an event that brings together thousands of students in search of information on how to apply to American colleges and accredited universities. This year, there were more than 75 stands. EducationUSA fairs attract young people from various regions and educational levels - mainly undergraduate and master's degrees.

About Education USA

Education USA is an official agency of the American government that promotes higher education in the USA by offering advice for those who dream of studying in the country, in more than 20 offices in Brazil.

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