Join the Study Outside Study & Minerva Fellowship

Estudar Fora is open for the Fellowship Estudar Fora & Minerva program , an incredible opportunity for those interested in taking an international degree. The Fellowship provides for a mentoring and professional development program for Brazilian students approved at Minerva University. All those approved for the first class of the university, which starts in 2014, will receive a scholarship from Minerva for tuition.

Minerva University is a new university launched in the USA that has a totally innovative 000-M15 proposal for higher education. The idea is to be a university of excellence, which accelerates the life trajectory of the most brilliant and motivated students around the world and trains future leaders and innovators in all disciplines. Students will come from different countries and will have  online and live classes  with top teachers.

One of the big differences is that young people will live in a kind of “itinerant campus”: the first year will be in San Francisco, where Minerva University is located, and in the other years they will change countries every semester. The forecast for the beginning of the first class at Minerva University is in the second semester of 2014.


The Fellowship Estudar Fora & Minerva will support all Brazilians approved in the 2014 class of Minerva University. To apply it is necessary to complete an application form. Access HERE . 

All students approved in the selection process will be notified by May 15, 2014 , when the results of the selection of the Minerva University will be released.

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