In social isolation, Harvard and MIT hold “online graduations”; see how it was

Faced with the impossibility of holding a traditional graduation for their undergraduates, Harvard and MIT universities held their first “online graduations” last week. As with traditional graduations, the virtual events had striking speeches with inspiring messages from famous alumni.

In addition to their academic excellence, another point that highlights universities like Harvard and MIT - American institutions ranked among the best in the world - are their graduation ceremonies, always with famous guests and interesting surprises. In that respect, Harvard and MIT's online graduations left nothing to be desired.

The two online graduations, moreover, had technical details that made them even more unusual than usual. Next, find out how the Harvard and MIT ceremonies went:

MIT Online Graduation

As expected, MIT's online graduation was marked by an interesting use of technology to generate different experiences. As reported on the university's website , it started with a musical number from the MIT wind ensemble - but each member of the ensemble individually recorded their part, after which they were edited to play together.

Then the ceremony began, which can be seen below. It includes some interesting details, like an appearance of the version of MIT built in Minecraft by the university students and a special guest: astronaut Chris Cassidy, who spoke to the trainees directly from the International Space Station (this moment happens at 32'48 in the video) :

Cassidy, who graduated from MIT 20 years ago, noted that she had no idea, at the time, that she would become an astronaut. “Life will take you to places you never imagined,” he commented, recommending graduates to stick to the basic values ​​that the institute of technology instilled in them to face these challenges.

Before that, another notable moment of the ceremony was another musical number, called “Comusica”, conceived by professors Eran Egozy, Evan Ziporyn and Isaac Chuang. For the play, more than 800 members of the MIT community recorded themselves singing a single musical note. the composers then arranged these voices to create a musical (and visual) portrait of the graduating class:

At the end of the ceremony, the names of the 3,512 trainees were projected on the screen. And then the university gave them access to an application made especially for the occasion. In the app, they could simulate, in virtual reality, the experience of walking to the graduation stage, greeting the president of the university and receiving the diploma from his hands. "At some safe time in the future, we will give you one of these [degrees] - live - right here at MIT," concluded the president.

Harvard Online Graduation

Harvard's online graduation may not have had the same technical sophistication as the MIT event. However, she had an extremely memorable speech by presenter Conan O'Brien. The speech can be seen below:

O'Brien missed an opportunity to make fun of the fact that graduation was taking place virtually. He started his speech with a video of him approaching in a t-shirt, shorts and podium slippers (which he set up in his own backyard) and wearing the gown he would use to deliver the speech. He went on with a montage of applause, cannon volleys, jets of water from army ships and even overflying jets from the Armed Forces honoring his speech.

Despite the countless jokes, the presenter also left a serious message in his speech. “You grew up with mass shootings and school closings. Horror [like this one] was completely absent during my childhood, ”he commented. "You are outstanding examples for my children of how to be smart, brave and, yes, resilient in a scary world," he added.

In addition, he considered that in addition to the fact that the ceremony is online, "today is an unusual day because, at this graduation, you don't start anything". "You, and your peers who faced unique trials, your generation, started a long time ago, while the rest of us were busy complaining about the ending of The Sopranos, " he explained. The complete ceremony can be seen below:

The year without graduations

In addition to the people who spoke at their graduations, the Harvard and MIT classes - and all the classes that graduate now, from any university - also had another special guest: Barack Obama.

The ex-president of the USA recorded a video dedicated to all the classes that are forming at the moment and that, therefore, will not have face-to-face ceremonies. Obama's graduation speech can be seen.

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