How to write an essay that wins Harvard Business School

 One of the crucial - and most feared - steps  in the selection process for postgraduate courses abroad is the time to write essays. These essays have the power to reveal to the university what the school record and standardized tests do not show: his personality. It is the student's best opportunity to show what he thinks and why he would be a good addition to the school, if approved.

At Harvard Business School, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, it is no different. They ask a series of questions about their motivations and interests and expect the student to have consistency and self-knowledge to answer them.

For engineer Mariane Hotta, 34, a former MBA student at Harvard, essays  were the most challenging part of the application. “As I am in the exact area, words don't flow so easily,” says she, who has taken six months to prepare the essays. "It is a process of maturation, the text will not come suddenly ... and giving the time for that to happen is also important", she comments.

Each needs to find their own preparation strategy and the best way to tell their story. Gustavo Bassetti, also a former student at HBS, explains that he tried to put elements of his personal life that somehow related and helped the professional.

Doctor Fábio Katayama sums it up: “Putting together a good essay is putting some of what you believe on paper”. Do you want to know what topics were covered and how they prepared for the writing of an essay that won Harvard admissions? Check out the playlist below:

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