Discover the hot destinations for your exchange in 2018

 Choosing an option among the 193 countries in the world is quite a challenge. After all, the place where you live and where you study has a great impact on the student's experience, since it can determine factors such as the type of cultural activities available and the language to be practiced . Amid so much variety, there are some hot destinations that draw attention to 2018.

To begin with, the places available are very diverse and go beyond old acquaintances, such as metropolises in the United States and regions of the United Kingdom. “Many times the student arrives with an idea in his head and ends up being surprised by destinations that he had not considered before”, says Andrea Arakaki, general director of EF Education First in Brazil. With possible plans for short and long-term exchanges, what dictates the best choice is the student's profile.

There are those who prefer the milder climates, for example, and those who insist on going to the beach and getting in touch with nature. There are students interested in leveraging English and others who plan to gain fluency in other languages, such as French and Spanish. Other factors can influence the decision, such as the possibility of working while studying in the country or even the quotation of the local currency. In other words, it is a great equation to be developed and analyzed before packing .

The rising destinations for 2018 stand out, therefore, for presenting solutions to this equation. Even though outside the common axis of exchanges - dominated by countries like the United States , Canada and Australia - such places offer valuable academic and cultural experiences. The examples given by CI's educational director, Teresa Fulfaro, help to understand the advantages of these rising destinations. In the case of the island of Malta , in Europe, and South Africa, the main attraction is to gain fluency in the English language. "In addition to being beautiful destinations, these countries have a lower cost of living, which ends up being decisive when it comes to hiring an exchange," says Teresa.

Take advantage and check out the hot destinations indicated by the exchange agencies.

South Africa

The African country combines natural beauty, opportunities to practice English and volunteer work . Nelson Mandela's land features lower cost itineraries for short and long-term exchanges, in locations such as Cape Town, the country's legislative capital, and Johannesburg, the most populous city. Among the hot destinations, South Africa also stands out for offering opportunities for social work, such as support for refugees and underprivileged populations.


The English city is among the most populous in the United Kingdom and stands out for its educational opportunities. With a lower cost of living compared to other locations in the country - such as London , already known for high costs for housing -, Bristol has resources worthy of a metropolis, with varied options of restaurants and shows. Academically, the call is for the University of Bristol, which is part of the Russell Group , a league that brings together the best British higher education institutions, and welcomes students from all over the world.  

Costa Rica

If the goal is to invest in Spanish, Costa Rica is a good choice. The small country in Central America has a name to watch over in terms of education, as it has the highest literacy rates in Latin America . In addition to serving as one of the hot destinations for those wishing to take Spanish language courses, Costa Rica also draws attention for tourism options and contact with nature, with landscapes ranging from beaches to volcanoes. And it is worth remembering: according to the World Happiness Report, prepared by the United Nations , the country is the happiest in the region.

Malta Island

The small European island has become one of the hot destinations for exchanges, especially among Brazilians who wish to study English. And it is not for nothing. The island of Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English , a legacy of British rule in the region. The cost of living is among the lowest in Europe, especially when compared to other countries in the region that attract exchange students, such as the United Kingdom .

In addition to a more affordable stay, the country offers an attractive climate for those fleeing the harsh European cold: hot summer and mild winters are part of the package. When choosing a school, it is worth consulting the Federation English Language Teaching Organizations Malta (Feltom) .

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