University of Westminster offers full undergraduate scholarship

 The University of Westminster , based in London, is offering a full scholarship for undergraduate students. The selected student will be exempt from the fees charged by the university. The scholarship also includes expenses with airfare, accommodation, food and other living costs of the student during his graduation in England. Registration is open until May 29.

All full-time undergraduate courses offered at the university are eligible for scholarships. In total, more than 140 courses of this level are available at the institution, ranging from “Applied Biomedical Sciences” to “Arabic and English Literature”. The complete list of available courses can be viewed at this link .


To apply for the scholarship, students must first be accepted by the University of Westminster into the degree program they wish to attend. The application process for each of the courses is different, and the university website informs you of the requirements for each course. In common, however, they all require that the candidate has taken the IELTS test and obtained at least grade 6.

In addition to IELTS, courses may also require international tests such as SAT . Other possible requirements for specific courses, according to the university, are portfolios, interviews or the realization of some "assignments" - essays or problem solving related to the course content. According to the University of Westminster, the application review process takes four to six weeks.

How to apply for the scholarship

Once the student has obtained a place in the course in which he / she wants to study, he / she can apply for the full scholarship. To do this, you will need confirmation of acceptance from the university, an official copy of your academic record and a letter of recommendation written specifically for your degree in England.

If the student has already sent a letter of recommendation as part of his application for the course, he must provide another letter, written by someone else. That person must be a teacher, tutor or employer who has already worked with the candidate.

In addition to these documents, the candidate must also complete a form available at this link . All documents must be sent by post to the address available at this link . The university advises applicants not to send original documents (as they cannot be returned). Applications for the scholarship run until May 29 , and classes begin in September 2021.

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