Experts give tips to anyone looking to study English in Ireland

 For those who want to study English outside Brazil, there are a number of possible destinations. However, for a number of reasons, Ireland has been attracting more and more Brazilians who want an opportunity to train the foreign language and, at the same time, have an immersive experience in another culture. The country has a number of such courses available, ranging from a few-week programs to exchanges lasting more than a semester. But how to choose the right program? And, once chosen, how to prepare? We spoke with David O'Grady, CEO of Marketing English in ireland, to find out. Check out the video tips for those who want to study English in Ireland!

Marketing English in Ireland is an organization dedicated to publicizing the opportunities to study English in Ireland. It aims to help foreigners to learn about the exchange options that the country offers and choose the one that best suits their resources and objectives.

According to David, Brazilians have been attracted to the country for a number of reasons. For example, the fact that the procedure for obtaining a visa for Ireland is relatively simple. And also because, from Ireland, it is possible to visit other countries in Europe at relatively affordable prices and without the need for many bureaucratic procedures.

The possibility of working during studies also weighs in this decision. According to David, foreigners enrolled in English programs lasting at least 25 weeks can legally work part-time jobs. And during your vacation, this possibility is extended to full-time jobs.

But David also warns that choosing the cheapest English course on the market can be a bad idea. According to him, schools that cover very cheap simply will not be able to provide the infrastructure that students from other countries need. Therefore, it is important to research well and evaluate all options before closing an exchange.

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