Estudar Fora's crowdfunding campaign is featured on the iG Portal

 The collective financing campaign of Estudar Fora was featured this week on the iG Portal. With the title "17 prodigious students in the country are selected by top universities abroad", the article tells the story of students like Luiz Fernando Gomes , a former student from the public school in Rio de Janeiro who passed the Aerospace Engineering course in Florida Institute of Technology in the United States. goosepjsjacka Contribute to the Crowdfunding participants Estudar Fora “If I have a dream, I will pursue it until I manage to achieve it. We create our potentials, ”he said in an interview with iG . Like Luiz, 16 other young people went through a rigorous selection process - which included English proficiency testing, standardized tests, transcript assessment, letters of recommendation and interview - and were passed by top universities such as Columbia, Yale and Stanford. Now, they are looking for support to pay the high monthly fees charged at these institutions. To assist them in raising funds, Fundação Estudar launched a “virtual cow” in partnership with the Benfeitoria website. Anyone can contribute and there is no minimum donation amount. The deadline is July 15th. Watch student videos and participate!By helping, you also win: for every contribution, there is a reward. For those who make more generous donations, some of the young people offer, for example, tutoring on the university admission process abroad.

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