European Commission Young Leaders Program Has All-Paid Travel

 The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, is receiving applications for the EDD Young Leaders Program 2019 . The program will bring 15 prominent young people from around the world, aged 21 to 26, to participate in a trip related to the European Development Days (EDD). Registration is open until March 24th.

EDD is an international development forum that will take place in Brussels on 18 and 19 June 2019. Young people chosen by the young Leaders Program will take a 10-day trip with all expenses paid to Brussels. During the trip, they will have contact with European development experts, and will actively participate in EDD, speaking alongside global leaders on forum panels.

Last year, 16 young leaders of 14 different nationalities were selected to participate in the program. They were chosen from 282 candidates from 82 countries. The activities developed by the workshop participants range from courses and lectures to interviews and other more creative activities.

How to apply

The entire application process for the Young Leaders Program is done through the program's website . The organization also provides an application form in .pdf format, which can be seen at this link .

Applicants are expected to have an English language level equivalent to at least level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference. That is: a score of at least 72 on the TOEFL , or at least 5.5 on the IELTS .

As part of the application, the candidate will have to talk about which topics interest him most in EDD 2019, and about which topics he would like to address (and in which language, between Spanish, French or English). He must also explain why he is a good representative to deal with that matter and offer a reference contact who can prove his aptitude.

It is also necessary to send the link of a video of about 2 minutes in which the candidate introduces himself and explains why his participation in EDD 2019 would be valuable. Registrations are open until March 24th.

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