Early registration of Minerva University ends this Wednesday

The registration deadline for Minerva University's Early Action ends on Wednesday, October 15th. In this process, the student makes his application in advance, before the beginning of the regular registration period, and receives the answer until the 1st of December. Run that there's still time!


Minerva University has a totally innovative proposal for higher education. The idea is to be a university of excellence, which accelerates the life trajectory of the most brilliant students around the world so that they can become innovative leaders.

Students take live and online classes on an interactive teaching platform, and live on a kind of “traveling campus”, changing countries each semester. At the end of the course, they will have passed through seven different cities. It is hoped that, thus, they will have an experience of global and cultural immersion and will be able to know in depth the socioeconomic reality of the countries where they live.

Curriculum - Member of KGI (Keck Graduate Institute) , an American institution that is a member of the Claremont University Consortium , Minerva University has courses at the School of Arts and Sciences and at the School of Business. The teaching model is highly multidisciplinary and students can choose courses in different areas.

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