Eight free e-books for those who want to post abroad

 Deciding which graduate school (master's, doctorate, or specialization) to take is a difficult choice. In other words, complex, since it must take into account a number of factors at a personal, academic and professional level. Take advantage of the free Estudar Fora guides, which include everything from the application process to a unique schedule for those who want to do postgraduate studies abroad. 

# 1 All about doing graduate school abroad

In partnership with the Lemann Foundation, Estudar Fora has prepared a guide that will guide the first steps of those who want to take a post-graduate course. You will know the career advantages, the types of tests required and tips for applying. Make a brief registration and start preparing!

# 2 Use this unique timeline to plan your application

Even before deciding on powders, it is worth having this tool in hand. It is a free schedule, which can be used for planning your course abroad, whether it be an MBA or an academic master's degree. Nothing to lose with the paperwork, the available universities and the required tests - everything is systematized, step by step, in the timetable prepared by Estudar Fora. Download your template for free here!

# 3 The impact of the master's career

The master's degree is one of the options for those who want to take a postgraduate course abroad. Want to know if it is the best option according to your career and your expectations? In this special, nine professionals from different areas tell how having a master's degree abroad impacted their careers. Get to know stories like that of Samantha Barthelemy, 30, who held a double master's degree in International Security in the United States and Paris and today works at the Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Security. "I want to make the city more just," he says. Take advantage and use the testimonials of so many Brazilians to decide if the master's degree is the way for you. Just make a brief registration!

# 4 All about MBA abroad

If your guess is that an MBA has more to do with your career prospects, this is the ideal guide. After all, an MBA at a renowned school abroad works almost like a “quality stamp” on a professional's curriculum. In this e-book, you will better understand how to plan this experience, what factors to take into account when choosing the best school and details about the methodologies used in universities abroad.  Just register and enjoy the guide for free!

# 5 All about PhD and Doctorate abroad

For those interested in research, perhaps the doctorate abroad is the most striking option. In this e-book, you will learn how the selection process for the PhD works, what type of research can be developed and the peculiarities of various fields of knowledge. For example: did you know that, in some cases, it is possible to go straight from undergraduate to PhD? Click here and get access to the free e-book !

# 6 Guide to Graduate Education

In partnership with the Lemann Foundation, we have prepared a guide for those who wish to specialize in the area of ​​education. In this special, you will find information on the steps of the application process, profiles of the best schools of Education and tips on how to obtain scholarships . Make a brief registration and access your guide

# 7 Guide to Graduate Studies in Public Policy

Aimed at those who intend to specialize in the area of ​​Public Policies, this guide provides profiles of the best schools and guidance on choosing the ideal institution for you. “Most of the problems in Brazil will be solved, to a large extent, by people who develop policies, play, evaluate or collaborate with the government”, says Denis Mizne, director of the Lemann Foundation, an NGO that collaborated with the development of e- book. Make a brief registration and access your guide

# 8 Public Health Graduate Guide

Do you work in the health field and want to invest in a postgraduate course in Public Health? Check out testimonials from Brazilians who studied at the best universities in the world in this area. Take advantage of information about all stages of the application process and the differentials that count most for foreign students. Make a brief registration and access your guide!

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