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Several French cities are among the best in the world for students - for their low cost of living, top universities, security and access to academic and professional opportunities. In addition, educational institutions in the country are references in areas ranging from engineering - such  as X - to social sciences, such as Sorbonne and Sciences Po .

And the best part: they are public and the French government is responsible for 90% of the costs of studies. Thus, the student who goes to France must pay tuition ranging from 200 to 900 euros - less than 3% of the value of universities in the United States .

What few people know is that the application process for French universities and Grand Écoles is simple and can be done, most of the time, with the support of Campus France itself. In general, it is necessary to send proof of proficiency in French and proof of completion of the previous level of studies, although some schools may have other requirements.

According to the coordinator of Thaís Cardim, advisor to Campus France, the acceptance rate for graduation is 85%. For a master's degree, even bigger. “And the reasons for refusal are usually due to the level of French, which has not reached the minimum necessary, or because of the project, considered unsuitable for the institution. For this reason, choosing the best program is very important ”, she explains.

Ask your questions about personalized service

Still have questions about the application process and what would be the most suitable opportunity for you? The Campus France team will promote an “Open Doors” event next Saturday, 06/18, in São Paulo. The event is free and, on the occasion, those interested in pursuing higher education (undergraduate, graduate and short courses) in the country will have access to personalized service with the institution's educational consultants.

Not from São Paulo? The Campus France website has a lot of information about the application process for French universities and about higher education institutions and courses.

Open Doors - Campus France Brasil

Date: 06/18

Time: 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Location: Campus France - Alameda Jaú, 1208 - Jardim Paulista

Free event

* Photo: University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris

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