Discover the best business colleges in the world

 In good English, the area can be described as Business and Management . And this is how it appears in university rankings , such as the QS Ranking, from British consultancy Quacquarelli Symonds. To determine which are the best business schools in the world, these listings look at a number of factors. Among them are, for example, the academic reputation of each institution.

In the case of undergraduate courses, there is a generalized listing. Master's degrees are separated by sub-areas, finance , administration and " business analytics ". It is not uncommon, however, for schools to allow the combination of other major and minor areas in the curriculum. A student could therefore add training in entrepreneurship or development to the original diploma during the course.

According to data from 2018, the ranking podium is dominated by renowned American universities.

Discover the best business schools 

# 1 Harvard University

With centuries of tradition, Harvard also wins the spotlight in the Business and Management sector . It is no surprise, then, that it ranks first among the best business schools in 2018. Following a tradition of flexibility in the school curriculum, the university allows students to choose a “specialty” in the course. That is, that they compose their own formation with majors and minors. One, of course, is  Business administration and management .

If there is still a doubt about the quality of the course, just look at the rankings on graduate studies in the area. In them, Harvard Business School also stands out as the best MBA in the world.

# 2 London Business School

For the complete ranking, the second place goes to INSEAD, the European Institute of Business Administration. However, the institution does not offer a degree in the area. For practical purposes, therefore, London Business School assumes the post, as it is the next placed and has a reputation in this field.

For LBS students, there are options for a bachelor's degree in “business management”, lasting three years. According to the university, the course allows students to have contact with real aspects of administration. The training structure, in turn, includes marketing and strategic management themes. Classes focus on case studies and invite speakers from different industries to speak to students.

# 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Another recurring name in international rankings, MIT is known for training both entrepreneurs and scientists . For those interested in administration, it is no different. MIT Sloan School of Management offers the so-called Course 15, the undergraduate course in business and management .

Since 2016, students can select the option that most interests them among three specialties: administration, business analytics and finance. Before, training was known as “management science”. For MIT students, there are about 150 subjects available, as well as opportunities for research and practical work.

# 4 University of Pennsylvania

UPenn's proposal is to offer the equivalent of an MBA distributed over the undergraduate years. It is not by chance that the course offered by the Wharton School places the institution among the best business colleges in the world. For university students, there are 22 subjects in the area to choose from, as well as 10 subjects in “ liberal arts and sciences ” and five free electives.

A student has different resources to learn the subject, from classes with case studies to “learning labs”. This is because it is intended that the student leaves school with practical knowledge, sufficient to develop a marketing plan or manage an entire company.

Get to know the rest of the list of the best business colleges in the world through the QS Ranking website .

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