Find out which are the best pharmacy courses in the world

The future pharmacists, when starting their training, face subjects related to Biology, Chemistry and Physics and hours in laboratories. It is part of the study necessary to act in fields such as the development of medicines and research on substances that will appear in foods and cosmetics. In the case of the best pharmacy courses in the world, the curriculum follows the same line.

The difference is for the type of academic training required and the length of the course, which can be an undergraduate or a post-graduate course , depending on the country. There are those who require a previous degree in related areas - just like in Medicine -, which serve as a basis for the student to study pharmacy.

In the case of the best pharmacy courses in the world, departments can dedicate themselves to the area as a whole or serve a specific branch, such as pharmacology. For example, at Harvard , the most prestigious American university, the Pharmaceutical Sciences sector is part of Harvard Medical School. Monash University has a Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Check out the list of best pharmacy courses highlighted by the QS Ranking:

# 1 Harvard University

It is nothing new to see this American university at the top of the university rankings . Harvard tends to be among the best on such lists, whether general or specific - as is the case with the best pharmacy courses. Initially, the pharmacology area of ​​the institution offered a master's level program within the Department of Pharmacology.

Since 1993, related areas, such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, have brought students together in an interdisciplinary program, the BBS (Biological and Biomedical Sciences). Currently, the initiative has 338 students, 84 of whom come from outside the United States , and is developing cutting-edge research in pharmacy. Among the research carried out by the BBS, is the discovery of protein kinases that would serve as a target for anti-cancer drugs .  

# 2 Monash University

In terms of Pharmacy, Monash University has quite a name to look after. The oldest pharmacy institution in Australia , the university reached the second place in the world ranking prepared by the QS. The programs offered by Monash range from undergraduate degrees in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences to master's and doctorate degrees in Clinical Pharmacy, in addition to supervised internships.

The subjects studied include ethical issues related to the profession and classes focused on drug development, as well as research opportunities within the university . One of the advantages of undergraduate students is that they have a mentoring program with more experienced students in the field.

# 3 Cambridge University

The British educational institution is the second oldest university in the European country, founded in 1209. In addition to appearing in the ranking of the best pharmacy courses in the world, Cambridge also appears in general classifications prepared by the Times Higher Education and the QS ranking. There, it is possible to study pharmacy since graduation and complement the training with the MPhil in Pharmacology, research training lasting one year, and the master's and doctoral programs.

To study undergraduate pharmacy in Cambridge, it is necessary to opt for the “Natural Sciences Tripos”, a natural science program that gathers materials from 16 departments. From the second year onwards, interested students can enroll in theoretical classes in areas such as pharmacology and also attend lessons taught in the institution's laboratories.

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