5 Brazilians who studied abroad and did incredible things

 Studying abroad is not just a way of getting to know another culture. Having access to some of the best universities in the world can help you realize your potential, and thereby make an extremely positive contribution to our society. It is one of the ways in which it is possible to improve society through education.

It is also one of the objectives of the Programa de Líderes Estudar, a program that offers scholarships to young Brazilians with high potential. Through it, hundreds of Brazilians had access to the best education in the world, and many of them used the knowledge acquired to accomplish impressive achievements!

We will talk about them next! Below we list five Brazilians who have studied, are studying, or are going to study abroad, and who have accomplished incredible things - from creating companies to scientific contributions. 

Pedro Franchesi and Henrique Dubugras - creating a unicorn at 23

Creating a company valued at more than $ 1 billion in market value is not easy. But Pedro Franchesi and Henrique Dubugras did this before turning 24 years old. And this was not the first company that the two founded: before, they had already created Pagar.me, which was later bought by the Brazilian Stone.

Both studied, during their graduation, at Stanford University, in the United States. The institution is also renowned for its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, and was the school of the creators of extremely popular applications , such as Instagram and Netflix.

Alessandra Maranca - using math to fight suicide

At the outset, it may seem that mental health and mathematics are two topics that do not have much to do. But Alessandra Rister Portinari Maranca brought the two together and developed a mathematical model that can help fight suicide. And she did that before she even entered university .

After being approved for the Law and Mathematics courses at the University of São Paulo, Alessandra also decided to apply for an international school. She passed Stanford, where she will study as part of the Leading Studying network.

Katarine Klitzke - helping humanity to better understand the universe

Katarine Klitze was awarded by NASA in early 2020 for her mission project to Mars . And some of the technologies envisioned by her and her team will be incorporated into a US agency mission to the Moon in 2024. And all of this before she was 20 years old (she was 19 at the time).

For a long time, Katarine's dream was to study at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, in São José dos Campos. But after winning the gold medal at the International Astronomy and Aeronautics Olympics, he considered studying abroad. He is currently part of the Leaders Studying network and is graduating from Georgia Tech.

Ana Paula Martinez - the best lawyer in the world

If there was a “World Cup” for lawyers, Ana Paula Martinez would be twice champion. But in the absence of this, she has twice won the award for best lawyer in the world of the competition conducted by British publication Global Competition Review. Not only that: she became director of the Department of Protection and Economic Defense of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil at the age of 26.

These achievements are part of a trajectory that includes graduation at the Faculty of Law of Largo São Francisco, in São Paulo, and two master's degrees. One of them took place at Harvard, when Ana Paula participated in the Leaders Study Program, and concluded in 2005.

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